LEGO Serious Play training

for international schools

Are you ready to build up a powerfully playful group within your school as Certified Facilitators of LEGO® Serious Play®?

Bring our intensive LEGO Serious Play training right into the heart of your school and community.

Learn the method’s advanced techniques to playfully wrangle problems, deepen communication, increase team buy-in and bring out your people’s creative and innovative best. Break down communication barriers, make better decisions, understand each other with nuance…

…and do it in a way that’s tailored to your context and your people.

Build a Strong Foundation in Four Days

This program is designed to give international schools the power to use LEGO Serious Play to bring its unique mix of creativity, authentic communication, and connected insight into every level of their school and community. We do this with a mix of hands-on training, demonstration, co-design, and guided co-facilitation.

Day 1


First Steps

Bring your people together to experience the process – workshops, coaching, parent engagement…

Days 2-3

Hands-on intensive training in the LSP Method.


This two-day training program is hands-on and experiential to give budding facilitators a solid grounding in the background knowledge, theory, practice, and facilitation techniques to design, conduct, and move forward from LEGO Serious Play conversations of their own.

Day 4

Guided Co-Facilitation

Step Out

Your new facilitators step out and facilitate their first LSP sessions in the wild with experienced support.

An in-house training & certification program also includes the following:

Who’s this for in your school?



who need to listen deeply and explore nuanced conversations about goals, purpose, and ambition.

School Leaders

School Leaders

who need to listen deeply, ask big questions, invite authentic discourse, and enrich professional conversation.

Innovation Leaders

Innovation Leaders

seeking to unearth new ideas, empower connected thinking, and bring diverse groups together develop strategy.

Community Leaders

Community Leaders

seeking to break down communication barriers to listen and connect deeply with their network.



who want to encourage complex thinking and nuanced discussion, wrangle epistemology, and challenge assumptions.

Creative Spirits

Creative Spirits

looking to prod the status quo, gently challenge assumptions, and change the conversation in their school.

how might we play this out?

Along with the intensive two day course for your six intrepid LSP facilitators-in-training, you’ll also get two full days of my time as a facilitator, co-designer, co-facilitator, and consultant to help you build the strongest foundation possible.

We’ll design these days to fit exactly what your school needs, but here’s a couple of suggestions.

meet your facilitator

Hi! I’m Joel Birch.

I’m a longtime K-12 educator, and I spent a long time as an instructional coach and strategic consultant with a focus on the creative and critical use of  learning technologies. These days I work with leaders across education, business, government, and community to help them conduct the big, important conversations that help them to steer their worlds towards their preferred vision of the future. Conversations that invite everyone at the table’s unique perspective, graciously facilitated to help the ideas that connect to find their right place.

(I’m also a conscientious objector to ever fully growing up.)

As a Certified Facilitator and Pro Trainer of LEGO Serious Play, I rely wholeheartedly upon the power of play, stories, and solving problems by thinking with our hands. In doing this I help individuals, teams, and communities to begin from an honest and authentic place to craft deep understanding, rich communication, and creative solutions. I also train and certify others to design and facilitate those conversations by themselves. Why work on a challenge when we could play with it instead?

I’ve been living and breathing LEGO Serious Play since 2018. I’ve worked with over 60 schools and a huge range of businesses and other agencies in the last decade, so I’ve seen firsthand how every context is unique, all tied together by the things that make us human.

Next Steps

I would love to help you bring the incredible insight, compassion, and joy of LEGO Serious Play to your school and community.

To arrange an online demo for your team, talk training options, or just ask more questions, reach out here: