Learn Like a Hero

by Firebird Learning

If the Project-Based Learning Canvas marks the first step on an adventure, the Storytelling Canvas belongs at the end around an open fire to regale friends, family, and colleagues with your tales of dragon-slaying.

If you’ve got some young learners in your life that are eager to push the boat out by themselves and embark on a journey of their own making, the Learn Like a Hero toolkit gives you a way to support them just enough to stay the course, while making sure they meet and overcome all that wonderful productive struggle on their own.

When to Use it: When you want to support kids in their learning outside of your realm of expertise, by acting more as a reflective coach than an instructor.

How to Use it: Start at the beginning, and resist the urge to rescue. Ask more questions, and give your learner the space and time to find answers to them for themselves.