We help schools embrace the fluid present to create a thriving future.

Learning Innovation Services

Our world is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (you can say “VUCA” if you want to sound cool), but the structures behind our conventional model of schooling assume the opposite.

For schools as learning organisations, the best way to develop the skills in your students for a happy, purposeful future throughout this century is to cultivate those same skills in your educators.

The World Economic Forum suggests that skills like these are crucial in the coming decades:

Firebird Learning can help you to foster a culture of innovation with a bespoke program of project-based professional development.

We work with you and your community to explore, visualise, and map the complex web of relationships between the many parts that make up your school, then we help your own staff design and implement their own solutions to make it the best place it can be.

Change and evolution happen by unlocking the potential already in your school, not by imposing change from outside.

We’ve worked with schools in programs like this to target technology fluency, the human processes behind powerful programs for learning through play and STEM, deeply embedded digital citizenship, creative inquiry, and cultures of thinking.

How might your school use it?

Contact us to discuss consultation, co-design, and professional development over short-term engagements or an ongoing partnership.

Project-Based Learning

Apply a flexible, iterative professional inquiry process as an on-ramp for change that also serves as a powerful methodology for student-led learning.

Ongoing Professional Mentoring

Work closely with a mentor fluent in the shared process of coached, project-based professional learning.

Start with the System

Identify powerful targets for your efforts by first mapping your school community as a complex, adaptive system.

One-Day Learning Festivals

One day, one big idea, one big job to do.

We often hear that if we give kids technology, they’ll do things that amaze us. While that might not be 100% true, we do believe that if we give kids a big challenge and the right conditions, they’ll rise to it. As teachers, the tricky part is knowing how to pitch that challenge, and how to step back while still supporting our them.

Our One-Day Learning Festivals are a crash course in self-directed learning. We work with you to develop a theme, the whole school receives their project brief at the beginning of the day with a deadline to share their project before the day ends. It’s low-preparation for teachers, and high-impact for everybody.

It’s an incursion, a project-based learning starter, and professional development day all rolled into one.

Schools are always short on time, but you can always find a day.

Film Festival

Build your entire school’s skills to tell stories through making films. One shared brief, many stories to tell.

Design Festival

Begin the day with one big challenge, employ Design Thinking principles to prototype a solution.

Something Else?

Want to tackle something completely different? We’d love to work with you to help make it happen.