Learning programs that put the child in the driver’s seat as inventor, entrepreneur, and the creative powerhouse without a curriculum or testing schedule in the way.


Practical events for parents and community to make sense of the changing world in a way that is fun, supportive, and social. Smart Stuff and Fun Stuff.


Unleash your team’s full creative potential by bringing creative play to the boardroom. Do vision, design, innovation, strategy, and team dynamics in a new way.


Professional Development for schools and educators, project-based learning, high-impact single day “learning festivals,” and contemporary learning advice.

Young Learners

To build a livelihood in the coming century, today’s kids will need to be creative, flexible, self-starters.

Our programs for are grounded in principles of creative inquiry and design thinking to help Young Learners develop those “on-the-job” learning skills that they will use throughout their lives, long after formal instruction ends.

We learn by doing, by making, and by working together.



Why should the kids have all the fun?

Our understanding of what makes an education complete is in flux, and lots of the new ideas are way outside our own experience. In a time of rapid change and unpredictability we need to see and experience firsthand what’s possible so we can understand its potential. This is true for parents navigating their kids’ schooling, or individuals facing change in their own careers.

We do Smart Stuff and Fun Stuff to expose you to fresh ideas, challenge your thinking, provoke questions, and start a conversation about how we learn best. It’s hands-on, social, informal, and challenging. You know, like every bit of great learning that’s ever stuck with you.



Just because we play around with learning in the community doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place at school. Firebird Learning offers a range of professional development opportunities for schools and educators to help develop the creativity, flexibility, and wild curiosity to enable young people to thrive in their lives beyond school.

We can help your school in a few different ways. Here’s some examples of what we do, or we’d love to talk to you about designing something that’s a perfect fit for your school and community.



Want to bring a different dynamic to the way your business, organisation, or community operates? Want to do it in a way that engages everybody and brings out their best to develop and communicate creative ideas?

We can use the LEGO® Serious Play® method to help you with vision, strategy, team development, design, change, and much more.

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Joel took a small group of students through the design thinking process but it was me that got the most out of it (the students loved it and one boy commented to his Mum that it was the best day of his life!)

He had the group mentally active and stimulated, he kept things under control without putting many barriers in the way. It was awesome to watch.

Joel is an intuitive, all embracing kind of teacher and the kids drew to him like bees to flower. He didn’t think twice about moving to their level both in thought and form. He was able to communicate with the kids on a complicated topic made simple and easy to understand through the way he communicated and conceptualised it for their level.

Elaine Olsen, Flo Edge

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